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My name is Matthew Dolphin.

This site is my personal website and an experiment in personal branding, online reputation management, and Search Engine Optimization. If you're here because you searched for Matt Dolphin or Matthew Dolphin, then it worked! 

Matthew Dolphin

​About Matthew Dolphin

​Matt Dolphin is a husband, dad, ​and part-time mountain man. 

​Mr. Dolphin is the founder/owner/investor of several businesses. If you're interested in leadership mentoring, digital marketing help, or small business strategy and systems, check out

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The Ultimate Guide to Matthew Dolphins

As a kid, I only knew one Matthew Dolphin. And that was the one I saw in the mirror.

That changed in college, when I visited some friends at Northwestern University, and at a party was introduced to another guy named Matt Dolphin.

​Wait. What?

There's more than one Matthew Dolphin in the world?

Actually, yes. Quite a few.

​Ever google your name?

If you google Matthew Dolphin​ or search for Matt Dolphin online​ you'll quickly see that there's more than one person named Matthew Dolphin in the world.

It's estimated there are 6879 people with the last name 'Dolphin' in the world. That makes 'Dolphin' the 72,416th most common surname in the world, which doesn't seem very common at all. So why do I keep finding people online named Matthew or Matt Dolphin? And who are these digital doppelgangers?

​As an online experiment and to have a little fun, I decided to create the ultimate guide to all the Matthew Dolphins in the world. I wrote a bit more about this and the purpose of this website in my blog post Launching Matthew Dolphin.

Complete list of guys named Matthew ('Matt') Dolphin

Ok. Maybe it's not a complete list, but here are some pointers to people named Matthew Dolphin on the web.

Let's start with social media...

At last count there were 13 Matthew Dolphins on LinkedIn! Including this Matt that works at the Lancaster Bowling Center in North Carolina and this Matt that works at SK Refrigeration, Heating, and Cooling.

Matthew Dolphin's Facebook profiles: matthew.dolphin.9, matthew.dolphin33,  matthew.dolphin.39, mat.dolphin, and many many more.

A bunch of Matt Dolphins on Instagram including: dolphin.matt, matt.dolphin, sonicdolphin

Twitter has it's own collection of Matt Dolphins: Mathieu Labrux has the handle @mattdolphin so I chose @​MathieuLabrux as mine. ;) ​Actually, on second thought, @MatthewDolphin seems like a ​more senseable option.

Here's Matthew Dolphin's GooglePlus profile.

What kinds of things do Matthew Dolphins do?

Matt Dolphin is a songwriter. You can buy his CD here and here and here. And check out ​Matt's myspace page.

There's Matthew Dolphin, the actor who appeared in The Mad Monkey Crew 2. Not sure which one is Matt in this blooper reel.

This Matt Dolphin is involved in accounting and finance.

The reviews say this Matthew Dolphin is an excellent window cleaner

​Matt Dolphin is a photographer and drone operator. ​Matt Dolphin's flickr photo stream has some gorgeous images. ​The same Matt Dolphin posted this beautiful drone footage​ and this portfolio of photos.

Sometimes, Matthew Dolphin gets in toruble. There was an interesting case involving Gregory Matthew Dolphin who was charged with possession of child pornography. He received a reduced sentence because he suffers from frontotemporal degeneration which impacts behavior and decision making.

Sadly, this Matthew Dolphin passed away in 2017. He was only a few years older than me. He was an accomplished artists, typographer, and creative art director at an ad agency in New York. Would love to find out what fonts he designed. I think this is his website at

Here are a bunch of Matthew Dolphins on And here's the grave of the pioneer Matt Dolphin (1846-1919). And here's some text possibly about the same pioneer owing money to the Grand Masonic Lodge of Colorado. Matt, if I was around, I would have floated you the $19 and change as a favor to a fellow Matt Dolphin.

As I scrolled through google results I ran across a video of me at a business conference. Mark Jamnik's crew shoved a camera in my face and posted this odd deer-in-the-headlights clip online three years later.

​​Speaking of odd YouTube videos...

​I threw this video together as a quick explainer for a friend. Turns out other people found it useful. I think the weird thumbnail is what ​makes people click it.

​People named Matt that like Dolphins

​​Not to muddy the waters even further... When you go looking for Matthew Dolphin online, there are a bunch of guys named Matt or Matthew that are fans of the Miami Dolphins, swam with dolphins in the ocean, or got there picture taken next to the dolphins at Sea World. ​

​For example, here's a video of a young kid named Matthew getting pushed around on a boogie board by a Dolphin.​ Looks like fun... until it isn't.

And a different Matthew graduated from his Dolphin Level swim class. Way to go!

Matthew Leslie is a marine mammalogist who has written extensively about Dolphins.

​I have no idea why this guy named Matt Smith has a YouTube video title Matthew Dolphin. Stay in your lane Matt Smith.

Matt Finch has a site called Mechanical Dolphin. Cool name.

​If you search for Matt Dolphin, you're bound to find football players from the Miami Dolphins named Matt.

And there's the 1984 Atari video game: Dolphin, programmed by Matthew Hubbard.

One of my favorite Matt Dolphin finds on the web... For the longest time this image from wikipedia was the top photo when you searched for Matt Dolphin:

Matt Dolphin Wikipedia

​Is your name Matthew Dolphin? Have a question or comment for this Matt Dolphin?

​Let's connect.